Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2021

Our Key Resources and Relationships

Our Values

Our Culture and Values are important and have helped drive the Group’s success.


Our people strategy underpins everything we do in the business. We have a well defined plan to build talent, develop people and strengthen the Dechra Culture.


We are implementing a strong technology platform to enable us to operate efficiently. We also offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training via our e-learning system (the Dechra Academy) to veterinarians and veterinary nurses.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

We have seven manufacturing sites across the globe and strong relationships with our CMO network. Our customers are serviced from two major logistics site.


We empower our people to make a difference in our business, our communities and to our environment.

Our Key Activities

Our objectives are to innovate, develop, register, manufacture, supply and market high quality products to the veterinary profession worldwide.

Innovate, Partnership and Register Manufacture and Supply Route to Market Customers Revenue Veterinary distributors and wholesalersor Direct supply of products Sales and Marketing 2 1 3 4 5

Creating Value for Our Stakeholders


We have consistently delivered on our strategic objectives resulting in a strong record of growth.


Years of Dividend per Share Growth


Total Dividend per Share in 2021


We contribute to the social and economic welfare of the local communities in which we operate. Our community ethos is aligned with our business Purpose and Values.


Cash Donations


Product Donations


Our employees are our greatest asset. We employ 1,975 employees in 25 countries in a wide range of working environments. Our ongoing objective is to continue to be a high performing business, driven by highly skilled and committed teams.


New Employees


Delta (Employee) Training Courses

Veterinary Professionals

We provide high levels of service, technical support and educational training to develop a strong relationship with, and be recognised as an important partner to, veterinarians. We invest in our Manufacturing and Supply Chain competencies to meet demand.


Veterinary Academy Courses


Shipments from
Uldum, Denmark